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Which two ports on a laptop are used to gain console access to a Cisco switch? (Choose two.)

A. DB-9
D. RJ-11
E. RJ-45 Ethernet



An Ethernet interface is up and the line protocol is down. What are two possible causes? (Choose two.)

A. There is a speed or duplex mismatch with the remote device.
B. There is a Layer 2 mismatch in the encapsulation type.
C. The Ethernet interface has been manually disabled.
D. Keepalives are not being received by the local device.
E. The Ethernet cable might not be attached properly.



What are two components of a WAN connection? (Choose two.)

B. router
C. bridge
D. hub
E. switch



What is the correct IPv6 address notation?

A. 2001:0DB8::/128
B. 2001:0DB8:0::
C. 2001:0DB8::1:1:1:1:1
D. 2001:0DB8:130F:0000:0000:7000:0000:140B



Cisco NX-OS has added the ability to use which type of custom scripting to help manage user networks?

A. C++
B. Collective
D. Python



What is the primary method for recovering or upgrading a Cisco network device system image?

A. USB storage
C. the tftpdnld command
D. the xmodem command



Which two commands are valid for copying a saved configuration to RAM? (Choose two.)

A. copy startup-config running-config
B. copy running-config startup-config
C. copy tftp running-config
D. copy running-config tftp
E. copy tftp startup-config



Which Cisco CPAK 100GBASE module supports Multimode Fiber cable?

A. Cisco CPAK-100G-CWDM4
B. Cisco CPAK-100G-LR4
C. Cisco CPAK-100G-ER4L
D. Cisco CPAK-100G-SR4




Which type of Cisco console cable is used to connect a laptop to the console port on a Cisco router?

A. straight-through
B. fiber
C. crossover
D. rollover



Which two statements about a SmartJack are true? (Choose two.)

A. It provides signal conversion.
B. It acts as a concentration point for dial-in and dial-out connections.
C. It operates at Layer 2 of the OSI model.
D. It provides channel testing.
E. It regenerates the signal to compensate for signal degradation from line transmission.



Which bits represent the boot field in the configuration register value?

A. highest two bits
B. lowest two bits
C. highest four bits
D. lowest four bits



Which command sends an echo request packet to the target host and then waits for an echo response message?

A. echo
B. access
C. ping
D. connect



What are two purposes of a USB thumb drive? (Choose two.)

A. to save the system log
B. to copy configuration files to and from a PC
C. to save router hardware information
D. to copy IOS images to and from a PC
E. to increase system memory size



Which command displays a list of file systems that are available on Cisco devices?

A. show memory
B. show directory
C. show file system
D. show version



Which type of transceiver module is used for 40 Gigabit Ethernet connectivity?



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Information about Cisco 100-490 Exam

  • Vendor: Cisco
  • Exam Code: 100-490
  • Exam Name: Supporting Cisco Routing & Switching Network Devices
  • Certification: CCIT
  • Total Questions: 60 Q&A
  • Exam Language: English
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