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Which statement about Cisco UCS version compatibility is true?
A. All bundles (A, B, and C) must be the same version.
B. The B and C bundles must be the same revision.
C. The A bundle can be one revision higher than the B/C bundles.
D. The B/C bundles can be one revision higher than the A bundles.
< Correct Answer: C >


You have blade servers that run VMware ESXi. Which two tasks do you perform to ensure that all of the components in the Cisco UCS environment use jumbo
frames? (Choose two.)
A. Use a QoS policy for the jumbo frames.
B. Configure the MTU on the vSwitch.
C. Configure the fabric interconnect to support 9500-byte frames.
D. Configure the MTU on the vNIC.
E. Configure a QoS policy on the vSwitch.
< Correct Answer: AB >

You are troubleshooting an FCoE boot issue on a Cisco UCS C220 M3 server with a VIC 1225 CNA. Which two pieces of information can you directly infer from
the output of the show zone active command below? (Choose two.)
zone name Server_1-to-Storage vsan 11
pwwn 50:06:01:60:3b:a0:08:9f [Storage]
* fcid 0x3b000b [pwwn 20:00:00:25:b5:04:0a:02] [C22_Server]
A. The storage controller is not logged into the fabric.
B. The server is not logged into the fabric.
C. Only the storage controller is logged into the fabric.
D. Only the server is logged into the fabric.
E. The initiator and target cannot communicate because they are on the wrong VSAN.
F. The WWPN of the storage controller is mistyped.
G. The initiator and target cannot communicate because the zone name does not match the server name (C22_Server).
< Correct Answer: AD >

A customer is configuring an upstream disjoint Layer 2 network in a Cisco UCS domain. So far they have configured the following:
Fabric Interconnects are in switching mode.
There is symmetrical configuration for high availability.
There are no overlapping VLANs.
Each vNIC is communicating with one disjoint Layer 2 network.
After validating the above, the customer is still having issues with network connectivity.
What is the issue?
A. Overlapping VLANs are allowed in a disjoint Layer 2 network.
B. The vNIC configuration is incorrect and must communicate with two or more disjoint layer 2 networks.
C. The fabric interconnect must be in end-host mode for a disjoint Layer 2 network.
D. Asymmetrical configuration for high availability needs to be configured.
< Correct Answer: C >

The Core File Exporter automatically exports cores to a remote server as they are generated. Which protocol does it use for this action?
< Correct Answer: D >

How does the FSM react after an error or timeout at a stage?
A. stops
B. retries until successful
C. continues
D. retries that stage at scheduled intervals
E. raises faults and continues
< Correct Answer: D >

You attempt to boot a supported Linux operating system live image from the eUSB in a Cisco UCS blade- server environment, but the boot fails. Which option is
the most likely cause of the failure?
A. In the Service Profile, a device other than the eUSB is set first in the boot order for the server.
B. The eUSB license is unavailable or the grace period of the license is expired.
C. The blade servers are unable to boot from the eUSB. The eUSB is used only for virtual machines.
D. Access to the eUSB is disabled for that blade server by Power Manager.
< Correct Answer: A >

You are installing Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2 on a Cisco UCS C210 M2 server, and the installer does not see local storage on the LSI MegaRAID SAS
9260-4i controller that is installed. Which statement explains the issue?
A. The driver is not included in the installer DVD. Press F6 to load the LSI RAID driver from CD or virtual media.
B. The virtual disk is not created and online.
C. The LSI 9260-4i is only supported by Red Hat Enterprise Linux and VMware vSphere 4.0 and later.
D. The installer DVD for Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2 did not include the LSI driver until SP2.
< Correct Answer: B >

Refer to the exhibit. Which three statements are true based on the output of “show service- profile circuit server 1/3”. (Choose three.)


A. vnic eth0 is pinned to module 0 interface 1.
B. vnic eth1 is pinned to module 1 interface 6.
C. vnic eth0 is pinned to port channel 1.
D. vnic eth1 is pinned to port channel 6.
E. A LAN pin group is configured on vnic eth0.
F. A LAN pin group is configured on vnic eth1.
< Correct Answer: BCF >








Refer to Exhibit 4. Which selection is true regarding the configured Write Cache policy on the RAID adapter?
A. Data written is stored in the cache and also written through to the physical drives
B. Data written is stored in the cache and will be written to the physical drives when bandwidth is available
C. Write Through mode poses the risk of data corruption if a BBU is not installed
D. Write Through mode falls back to Write Back mode if the BBU fails
< Correct Answer: C >

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