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Citrix Solves the Windows Store Monopoly on Windows 10 S Applications

Citrix has released a version of Receiver for Windows 10 S that will make Microsoft even more fun with the school’s lightweight Windows. Receiver comes to the Store, to pipe apps and desktops into Windows-lite for Schools.

Microsoft launched Windows 10 S in May 2017 and recommended it to schools because it can only install apps from the Windows Store. That plan was advanced as likely to keep kids from messing things up with dodgy-ware sourced from who knows where.

At the press conference, Microsoft told those who want other applications to “choose Windows 10 Pro.” They now also have the option of downloading a new version of Citrix Receiver that is compatible with Windows 10 S.
Receiver is Citrix’s XenApp application publishing tool and the client for the XenDesktop desktop virtualization suite. Citrix said this is just another version of Receiver for another platform, so there should be no problem with applications other than Microsoft Store to Windows 10 S.

The release of Microsoft’s press release led Microsoft to change the version of Windows 10, as Steve Teixeira, general manager of Microsoft’s Developer Ecosystem, asked Citrix to quote him: “Microsoft is excited to have Citrix Receiver for Windows 10 devices available in the Microsoft Store, making it even easier to safely and securely connect to your new and existing applications from any Windows 10 S device.”
Teixeira added that “This announcement is another example of Microsoft’s strong partnership with Citrix to enhance and extend the capabilities of Windows 10 devices for the modern digital workforce.”

Citrix, in partnership with Nutanix, announced the launch of Citrix Cloud’s Nutanix InstantOn as the industry’s first Citrix Ready workspace device. This makes it faster and easier to provide secure digital workspaces in today’s hybrid cloud environment.

Citrix Ready workspace application design ideas are: You – our customers. You tell us that Citrix Cloud XenApp and XenDesktop Service radically simplify and enhance your ability to deliver high-performance virtual applications and desktops.
Your journey to cloud computing begins with a hybrid cloud deployment and you place a premium on the design of XenApp and XenDesktop services to optimize the delivery of securely hosted applications and desktops in your local data center. And, you are eager to take advantage of the performance, simplicity and scalability of applications and desktops on the hyper-converged infrastructure solution in your local data center. Sounds familiar

When Microsoft launched Windows 10 S, it recognized the low-end PC is the ideal operating environment. Citrix Receiver requires at least 500MB of free disk space and 1GB of RAM, so maybe some of the lowest-end devices Microsoft mentioned are comparable to Windows 10S. But relatively inexpensive hardware will make 10S products of interest to buyers who need to go beyond Microsoft stores.