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Cisco 350-701 Online Practice Test

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What is the primary benefit of deploying an ESA in hybrid mode?

A. You can fine-tune its settings to provide the optimum balance between security and performance for your environment

B. It provides the lowest total cost of ownership by reducing the need for physical appliances

C. It provides maximum protection and control of outbound messages

D. It provides email security while supporting the transition to the cloud

Cisco Hybrid Email Security is a unique service offering that facilitates the deployment of your email security
infrastructure both on premises and in the cloud. You can change the number of on-premises versus cloudusers at any
time throughout the term of your contract, assuming the total number of users does not change.This allows for
deployment flexibility as your organization\\’s needs change.



Which two mechanisms are used to control phishing attacks? (Choose two)

A. Enable browser alerts for fraudulent websites.

B. Define security group memberships.

C. Revoke expired CRL of the websites.

D. Use antispyware software.

E. Implement email filtering techniques.



Which proxy mode must be used on Cisco WSA to redirect TCP traffic with WCCP?

A. transparent

B. redirection

C. forward

D. proxy gateway




The Cisco ASA must support TLS proxy for encrypted Cisco Unified Communications traffic. Where must the ASA be
added on the Cisco UC Manager platform?

A. Certificate Trust List

B. Endpoint Trust List

C. Enterprise Proxy Service

D. Secured Collaboration Proxy



Refer to the exhibit.

cisco 350-701 exam questions q5

Traffic is not passing through IPsec site-to-site VPN on the Firepower Threat Defense appliance.

What is causing this issue?

A. No split-tunnel policy is defined on the Firepower Threat Defense appliance.

B. The access control policy is not allowing VPN traffic in.

C. Site-to-site VPN peers are using different encryption algorithms.

D. Site-to-site VPN preshared keys are mismatched.




What is managed by Cisco Security Manager?

A. access point







Which Cisco solution does Cisco Umbrella integrate with to determine if a URL is malicious?


B. AnyConnect


D. Talos

When Umbrella receives a DNS request, it uses intelligence to determine if the request is safe, malicious or
risky–meaning the domain contains both malicious and legitimate content. Safe and malicious requests are routed as
usual or blocked, respectively. Risky requests are routed to our cloud-based proxy for deeper inspection. The Umbrella
proxy uses Cisco Talos web reputation and other third-party feeds to determine if a URL is malicious.



What are two differences between a Cisco WSA that is running in transparent mode and one running in explicit mode?
(Choose two)

A. When the Cisco WSA is running in transparent mode, it uses the WSA\\’s own IP address as the HTTP request

B. The Cisco WSA responds with its own IP address only if it is running in explicit mode.

C. The Cisco WSA is configured in a web browser only if it is running in transparent mode.

D. The Cisco WSA uses a Layer 3 device to redirect traffic only if it is running in transparent mode.

E. The Cisco WSA responds with its own IP address only if it is running in transparent mode.

The Cisco Web Security Appliance (WSA) includes a web proxy, a threat analytics engine, antimalware engine, policy
management, and reporting in a single physical or virtual appliance. The main use of the Cisco WSA is to protect users
from accessing malicious websites and being infected by malware.You can deploy the Cisco WSA in two different
modes:?Explicit forward mode?Transparent modeIn explicit forward mode, the client is configured to explicitly use the
proxy, subsequently sending all web traffic to the proxy. Because the client knows there is a proxy and sends all traffic
to the proxy in explicit forward mode, the client does not perform a DNS lookup of the domain before requesting the
URL. The Cisco WSA is responsible for DNS resolution, as well.

Reference:>Therefore answer D is correct as redirection can be done on Layer 3 device only.In transparent mode, the client is unaware its traffic is being sent to a proxy (Cisco WSA) and, as a result, the client uses DNS to resolve the domain name in the URL and send the web request destined for the web server (not the proxy). When you configure the Cisco WSA in transparent mode, you need to identify a network choke point with a redirection device (a Cisco ASA) to redirect traffic to the proxy.

WSA in Transparent modeReference: CCNP And CCIE Security Core SCOR 350-701 Official Cert Guide-> Therefore in
Transparent mode, WSA uses its own IP address to initiate a new connection the Web Server(in step 4 above)->
Answer E is correct.Answer C is surely not correct as WSA cannot be configured in a web browser in either
mode.Answer A seems to be correct but it is not. This answer is correct if it states “When the Cisco WSA is running
intransparent mode, it uses the WSA\\’s own IP address as the HTTP request source” (not destination).



Which PKI enrollment method allows the user to separate authentication and enrollment actions and also provides an
option to specify HTTP/TFTP commands to perform file retrieval from the server?

A. url

B. terminal

C. profile

D. selfsigned




An organization is trying to implement micro-segmentation on the network and wants to be able to gain visibility on the applications within the network. The solution must be able to maintain and force compliance. Which product should be used to meet these requirements?

A. Cisco Umbrella

B. Cisco AMP

C. Cisco Stealthwatch

D. Cisco Tetration




The main function of northbound APIs in the SDN architecture is to enable communication between which two areas of
a network?

A. SDN controller and the cloud

B. management console and the SDN controller

C. management console and the cloud

D. SDN controller and the management solution



Which flaw does an attacker leverage when exploiting SQL injection vulnerabilities?

A. user input validation in a web page or web application

B. Linux and Windows operating systems

C. database

D. web page images

SQL injection usually occurs when you ask a user for input, like their username/userid, but the user gives(“injects”) you
an SQL statement that you will unknowingly run on your database. For example:Look at the following example, which
creates a SELECT statement by adding a variable (txtUserId) to a selectstring. The variable is fetched from user input
(getRequestString):txtUserId = getRequestString(“UserId”);txtSQL = “SELECT * FROM Users WHERE UserId = ” +
txtUserId;If user enter something like this: “100 OR 1=1” then the SQL statement will look like this:SELECT * FROM
Users WHERE UserId = 100 OR 1=1;The SQL above is valid and will return ALL rows from the “Users” table, since OR
1=1 is always TRUE. Ahacker might get access to all the user names and passwords in this database.



Refer to the exhibit. What does the number 15 represent in this configuration?

cisco 350-701 exam questions q13

A. access list that identifies the SNMP devices that can access the router

B. interval in seconds between SNMPv3 authentication attempts

C. number of possible failed attempts until the SNMPv3 user is locked out

D. privilege level for an authorized user to this router

The syntax of this command is shown below: snmp-server group [group-name {v1 | v2c | v3 [auth | noauth | priv]}] [read
read-view] [ write write-view] [notify notify-view] [access access-list] The command above restricts which IP source
addresses are allowed to access SNMP functions on the router. You could restrict SNMP access by simply applying an
interface ACL to block incoming SNMP packets that don\\’t come from trusted servers. However, this would not be as
effective as using the global SNMP commands shown in this recipe. Because you can apply this method once for the
whole router, it is much simpler than applying ACLs to block SNMP on all interfaces separately. Also, using interface
ACLs would block not only SNMP packets intended for this router, but also may stop SNMP packets that just happened
to be passing through on their way to some other destination device.

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QUESTION 1cisco 350-701 exam questions q1

Refer to the exhibit. What will happen when this Python script is run?
A. The list of computers, policies, and connector statuses will be received from Cisco AMP.
B. The list of computers and their current vulnerabilities will be received from Cisco AMP.
C. The compromised computers and malware trajectories will be received from Cisco AMP.
D. The compromised computers and what compromised them will be received from Cisco AMP.
Correct Answer: A

A malicious user gained network access by spoofing printer connections that were authorized using MAB on four
different switch ports at the same time. What two catalyst switch security features will prevent further violations?
(Choose two)
A. DHCP Snooping
B. 802.1AE MacSec
C. Port security
D. IP Device tracking
E. Dynamic ARP inspection
F. Private VLANs
Correct Answer: AE


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Cisco 350-701 exam pdf online for free

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Cisco CCNP 350-701 exam question and answer online practice exam

What is the function of Cisco Cloudlock for data security?
A. data loss prevention
B. controls malicious cloud apps
C. detects anomalies
D. user and entity behavior analytics
Correct Answer: A

An engineer used a posture check on a Microsoft Windows endpoint and discovered that the MS17-010 patch was not
installed, which left the endpoint vulnerable to WannaCry ransomware. Which two solutions mitigate the risk of this
ransomware infection? (Choose two.)
A. Configure a posture policy in Cisco Identity Services Engine to install the MS17-010 patch before allowing access on
the network.
B. Set up a profiling policy in Cisco Identity Service Engine to check and endpoint patch level before allowing access on
the network.
C. Configure a posture policy in Cisco Identity Services Engine to check that an endpoint patch level is met before
allowing access on the network.
D. Configure endpoint firewall policies to stop the exploit traffic from being allowed to run and replicate throughout the
E. Set up a well-defined endpoint patching strategy to ensure that endpoints have critical vulnerabilities patched in a
timely fashion.
Correct Answer: AC

In which situation should an Endpoint Detection and Response solution be chosen versus an Endpoint Protection
A. when there is a need for traditional anti-malware detection
B. when there is no need to have the solution centrally managed
C. when there te no firewall on the network
D. when there is a need to have more advanced detection capabilities
Correct Answer: D

Which two activities can be done using Cisco DNA Center? (Choose two.)
B. design
C. accounting
E. provision
Correct Answer: BE

Which two kinds of attacks are prevented by multifactor authentication? (Choose two.)
A. phishing
B. brute force
C. man-in-the-middle
E. teardrop
Correct Answer: BC

What is the benefit of using Cisco FMC over Cisco ASDM?
A. Cisco FMC uses Java while Cisco ASDM uses HTML5.
B. Cisco FMC provides centralized management while Cisco ASDM does not.
C. Cisco FMC supports pushing configurations to devices while Cisco ASDM does not.
D. Cisco FMC supports all firewall products whereas Cisco ASDM only supports Cisco ASA devices
Correct Answer: B

An engineer configured a new network identity in Cisco Umbrella but must verify that traffic is being routed through the
Cisco Umbrella network. Which action tests the routing?
A. Ensure that the client computers are pointing to the on-premises DNS servers.
B. Enable the Intelligent Proxy to validate that traffic is being routed correctly.
C. Add the public IP address that the client computers are behind to a Core Identity.
D. Browse to validates that the new identity is working.
Correct Answer: D

In which two ways does a system administrator send web traffic transparently to the Web Security Appliance? (Choose
A. configure policy-based routing on the network infrastructure
B. reference a Proxy Auto-Config file
C. use Web Cache Communication Protocol
D. configure the proxy IP address in the web-browser settings
E. configure Active Directory Group Policies to push proxy settings
Correct Answer: BC

Which command enables 802.1X globally on a Cisco switch?
A. dot1x system-auth-control
B. dot1x page authenticator
C. authentication port-control auto
D. aaa new-model
Correct Answer: A

Which two tasks allow NetFlow on a Cisco ASA 5500 Series firewall? (Choose two.)
A. Create an ACL to allow UDP traffic on port 9996.
B. Enable NetFlow Version 9.
C. Create a class map to match interesting traffic.
D. Apply NetFlow Exporter to the outside interface in the inbound direction.
E. Define a NetFlow collector by using the flow-export command.
Correct Answer: DE

Which solution combines Cisco IOS and IOS XE components to enable administrators to recognize applications, collect
and send network metrics to Cisco Prime and other third-party management tools, and prioritize application traffic?
A. Cisco Security Intelligence
B. Cisco Application Visibility and Control
C. Cisco Model-Driven Telemetry
D. Cisco DNA Center
Correct Answer: B

A network administrator configures Dynamic ARP Inspection on a switch. After Dynamic ARP Inspection is applied, all
users on that switch are unable to communicate with any destination. The network administrator checks the interface
status of all interfaces, and there is no err-disabled interface. What is causing this problem?
A. The IP arp inspection limit command is applied on all interfaces and is blocking the traffic of all users.
B. DHCP snooping has not been enabled on all VLANs.
C. The no IP arp inspection trust command is applied on all user host interfaces
D. Dynamic ARP Inspection has not been enabled on all VLANs
Correct Answer: B

Which policy is used to capture host information on the Cisco Firepower Next-Generation Intrusion Prevention System?
A. correlation
B. intrusion
C. access control
D. network discovery
Correct Answer: D

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Information about Cisco 350-701 Exam

  • Vendor: Cisco
  • Exam Code: 350-701
  • Exam Name: Implementing and Operating Cisco Security Core Technologies (SCOR)
  • Certification: CCNP
  • Total Questions: 239 Q&A
  • Exam Language: English
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Cisco official exam tips

This exam tests your knowledge of implementing and operating core security technologies, including:

  • Network security
  • Cloud security
  • Content security
  • Endpoint protection and detection
  • Secure network access
  • Visibility and enforcement

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Free sharing of Cisco 350-701 exam practice questions (1-5)

An engineer is configuring a Cisco ESA and wants to control whether to accept or reject email messages to a recipient
address. Which list contains the allowed recipient addresses?
Correct Answer: D


The Cisco ASA must support TLS proxy for encrypted Cisco Unified Communications traffic. Where must the ASA be
added on the Cisco UC Manager platform?
A. Certificate Trust List
B. Endpoint Trust List
C. Enterprise Proxy Service
D. Secured Collaboration Proxy
Correct Answer: A


What is a characteristic of Firepower NGIPS inline deployment mode?
A. It cannot take actions such as blocking traffic.
B. ASA with Firepower module cannot be deployed.
C. it must have inline interface pairs configured.
D. It is out-of-band from traffic.
Correct Answer: C


Which protocol provides the strongest throughput performance when using Cisco AnyConnect VPN?
A. TLSv1.2
C. TLSv1.1
Correct Answer: D


What is the difference between FlexVPN and DMVPN?
A. FlexVPN uses IKEvI or IKEv2. DMVPN uses only IKEv2
B. DMVPN uses only IKEvI FlexVPN uses only IKEv2.
C. DMVPN uses IKEvI or IKEv2. FlexVPN only uses IKEv1
D. FlexVPN uses IKEv2. DMVPN uses IKEvI or IKEv2.
Correct Answer: B

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