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1.What   is   the  purpose  of   the  dialer-list  command  when  configuring  a  router   to   initiate  a
dial-on-demand routing ISDN call?
A.It defines call destination parameters.
B.It defines what constitutes interesting traffic.
C.It provides for optional call parameters.
D.It assigns a dialer-group to an interface.
2.What  are  three  disadvantages  of  a  router-on-a-stick  configuration  for  InterVLAN  routing?
(Choose three.)
A.InterVLAN routing cannot be filtered by the router.
B.The router becomes a single point of failure for the network.
C.Routers will not route STP BPDUs.
D.There is a possibility of inadequate bandwidth for each VLAN.
E.Additional overhead on the router can occur.
F.NetFlow Switching is required for InterVLAN accounting.
Correct:B D E
3.What  are  two  purposes  of  the  ACL  sub-command  in  the  crypto  isakmp  client  configuration
group {group-name | default\} command? (Choose two.)
A.enables split tunneling
B.disables split tunneling
C.indicates the protected range
D.indicates the unprotected range
Correct:A C
4.Which two routers support the use of Etherswitch modules and provide power to IP phones with
the use of an external power supply? (Choose two.)
A.Cisco 2650
B.Cisco 2691
C.Cisco 3725
D.Cisco 3745
Correct:A B
5.You  have  been  asked  to  provide  a  router with  thirty  10/100 Ethernet  interfaces  and  room  for
more  for  future  growth. The  router must  also provide  security  in  the  form of  firewalls  for  each
Ethernet interface.Which router should you install?
A.Cisco 7206
B.Cisco 7304
C.Cisco 7513
D.Cisco 7603
6.What does the Cisco 3725 have?
A.2 network module slots, 3 VWIC slots, and 2 AIM slots
B.1 network module slot, 3 VWIC slots, and 2 AIM slots
C.3 network module slots, 2 VWIC slots, and 2 AIM slots
D.2 network module slots, 3 VWIC slots, and 3 AIM slots

7.Which QoS technique avoids the problems that occur when tail drop is used as the congestion
avoidance mechanism on the router?
8.Which command displays the number of successful and failed calls?
A.show dialer
B.show interface
C.show isdn q931
D.show isdn active call
9.Which  technology allows a service provider  to support overlapping customer VLAN  IDs over
transparent LAN services?
A.802.1q tunneling
10.Which  implementation  of  SPAN  is  designed  to  support  source  ports,  source  VLANs,  and
destination ports across different switches?
11.Given  the configuration:access-list 101 permit  ip any anyaccess-list 101 deny  tcp any any eq
ftpdialer-list  2  protocol  ip  list  101Which  two  statements  about  the  configuration  are  true with
respect to FTP traffic and DDR? (Choose two.)
A.FTP traffic will be forwarded.
B.FTP traffic will not be forwarded.
C.FTP will cause the line to come up.
D.Since FTP uses two sockets, both must be defined to prevent packet forwarding.
Correct:A C
12.Which three statements are correct with regard to the IEEE 802.1Q standard? (Choose three.)
A.the packet is encapsulated with a 26 byte header and a 4 byte FCS
B.the IEEE 802.1Q frame format adds a 4 byte field to a Ethernet frame
C.the IEEE 802.1Q frame retains the original MAC destination address
D.the IEEE 802.1Q frame uses multicast destination of 0x01-00-0c-00-00
E.protocol uses point-to-point connectivity
F.protocol uses point-to-multipoint connectivity
Correct:B C E
13.What feature of the EZ VPN Remote makes it desirable to have Proxy DNS server support for
the PCs attached to the VPN?
A.Client mode with connect auto
B.Client mode with connect manual
C.Network Extension mode with connect auto
D.Network Extension mode with connect manual


14.Drag Drop question

Green choice4—->Yellow Choice1
Green choice1—->Yellow Choice2
Green choice5—->Yellow Choice3
Green choice3—->Yellow Choice4
Green choice2—->Yellow Choice5

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