CCNA exam process, exam fee, and exam room introduction

CCNA Exam — Lead4Pass 200-301

ccna exam

CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Associate)

CCNA Certification Exam Process

CCNA exam certification, first learn CCNA theoretical knowledge, then download the CCNA exam question bank, make an appointment for the exam, and take and pass the exam.
CCNA certificates are as follows:

ccna certification

CCNA certification exam-related content

  • Examination Requirements: There are no requirements for academic qualifications, majors, or age.
  • Exam Code: CCNA (200-301)
  • Exam Fee: $300
  • Exam time: 120 minutes, you need to make an appointment for the exam through VUE in advance (
  • Exam score: out of 1000 points, 825 points to pass the exam
  • Exam question types: single-choice questions, multiple-choice questions, drawing questions, and experimental questions. The question bank is generally 48-53 questions. There are three compulsory experimental questions. Generally, one to three questions are tested in the drag-and-drop question.
  • Exam location: Almost every major city will set up a Cisco written test examination room
  • Appointment exam: CCIE written exam appointment can be reserved through VUE

Tip: Cisco certification exams can directly test CCIE, instead of taking CCNA, CCNP, and then CCIE, which can save a lot.

Cisco certificationExam codeExam feeCertificate Validity
CCNA200-301$3003 years
CCNPCore Exam: 350-X01$4003 years
CCIE writtenCore Exam: 350-X01$40018 months
CCIE LABNone$1,600 x times taken2 years

How to prepare for the CCNA certification exam

1) Exam preparation time

According to the experience of general CCNA exam students, it takes one to two weeks to read the question bank four or five times and you can pass the exam smoothly.

2) Mock exam

In the VCE question bank of the mock test, candidates can take the test several times before the test, randomly select 50 questions for the test, and the general test score is 900-950 points, and then they can go to the test

CCNA Certification Exam Considerations

1) Carry a valid certificate

You will need to bring two pieces of identification to the exam:
The combination of identity documents must meet: a first-class identity card + a first-class identity card or a first-class identity card + a second-class identity card

A first-class identity document (with a photo, within the validity period)

ID card, passport, driver’s license, military ID card, social security card

Second-class ID card (within the validity period)

  1. Credit card
  2. Bank card with a name on the front and signature on the back
  3. Medical insurance card with photo
  4. The current identity is a student, a student ID card with a stamp covering the photo
  5. Work ID with name and signature in the signature field

Note: It is best to arrive at the test center half an hour in advance!

2) About the pre-examination questionnaire survey

In the pre-exam questionnaire, the question is to ask how long you have been preparing for the exam, what textbooks you have read, how to learn Cisco, whether it is self-study or training, how far is your home from the test center, and the level of education is not the most important thing.

But if you are asked whether you are over 18 years old, you must choose YES. If you are asked whether you agree to the CISCO agreement, you must choose “Agree”. If you don’t understand, you can ask the examiner.

After agreeing, click the END option in the lower right corner of the questionnaire page, and the test system will automatically start extracting questions from the server.

The test questions have been downloaded from Australia by the test center the day before and stored on the server.

Before the exam, there is an animation test demonstration. Candidates may or may not read it. Candidates can use this time to adjust their mood. After a few seconds, the questions are extracted and candidates can click START to start the formal exam.

3) Returning questions is not allowed

In the CCNA exam, it is not allowed to go back and do the questions that have not been done before, so when clicking the “NEXT” button, be careful not to click continuously and quickly, so as to avoid the situation where you click and go directly to a question.

4) Other notes for answering questions

After the configuration of the experimental questions is completed, copy run start must be executed, otherwise, a part will be deducted. Next, when configuring the router, you need to switch to the graphical interface, and then click on the computer connected to the router through the configuration line to enter the configuration mode of the corresponding router. After configuring the router, you need to copy run start. After all the routers are configured, click “next to continue.

The single-choice questions in the test are circle prompts, the multiple-choice questions are box prompts, and there are no indeterminate multiple-choice questions. If you select too many, an error box will pop up to prompt you.

5) About computer failure

If there is a computer failure or other accidents during the test, it is recommended to contact the staff of the test room immediately and let them handle it.

Under normal circumstances, after the computer restarts, the previously completed exam questions will be recorded.

There is plenty of time for the CCNA exam, don’t worry, if an accident occurs that wastes a lot of time and affects your exam, you can negotiate with the exam room to reschedule the exam time.

After finishing all the questions, choose END EXAM and jump out of the test paper.

After the test, the result will be issued on the spot, PASS and the test result will be displayed immediately, showing Congratulations, hehe, I passed the test successfully!

When you walk out of the examination room, the examiner will give you the printed transcript. You must keep the transcript well. This is one of the proofs that you have passed the exam.

6) Registration after the exam

Registration after the test, you need to register on the Cisco certification tracking system two working days after the test, so as to ensure that you receive the certificate. Certificates are sent by ordinary mail.

Finally, I wish you success in Passing CCNA. Although the salary increase help of CCNA is not obvious, it is the recognition of the basic ability of the individual, and at the same time lays a solid foundation for us to pass the CCNP or CCIE!