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Free15Securing Email with Cisco Email Security Appliance (SESA)300-720View300-720 dumps
Question 1:

Which attack is mitigated by using Bounce Verification?

A. spoof

B. denial of service

C. eavesdropping

D. smurf


Question 2:

A company has deployed a new mandate that requires all emails sent externally from the Sales Department to be scanned by DLP for PCI-DSS compliance. A new DLP policy has been created on the Cisco ESA and needs to be assigned to a mail policy named ‘Sales’ that has yet to be created.

Which mail policy should be created to accomplish this task?

A. Outgoing Mail Policy

B. Preliminary Mail Policy

C. Incoming Mail Flow Policy

D. Outgoing Mail Flow Policy


Question 3:

Which antispam feature is utilized to give end users control to allow emails that are spam to be delivered to their inbox, overriding any spam verdict and action on the Cisco ESA?

A. end user allows list

B. end-user spam quarantine access

C. end user passthrough list

D. end user safelist


Question 4:

An engineer is tasked with reviewing mail logs to confirm that messages sent from the domain are passing SPF verification and being accepted by the Cisco ESA. The engineer notices that SPF verification is not being performed and that SPF is not being referenced in the logs for messages sent from the domain

Why is the verification not working properly?

A. SPF verification is disabled in the Recipient Access Table.

B. SPF verification is disabled on the Mail Flow Policy.

C. The SPF conformance level is set to SIDF compatible on the Mail Flow Policy.

D. An SPF verification Content Filter has not been created.

Question 5:

Which setting affects the aggressiveness of spam detection?

A. protection level

B. spam threshold

C. spam timeout

D. maximum depth of recursion scan


Question 6:

Which benefit does enabling external spam quarantine on Cisco SMA provide?

A. ability to back up spam quarantine from multiple Cisco ESAs to one central console

B. access to the spam quarantine interface on which a user can release, duplicate, or delete

C. ability to scan messages by using two engines to increase a catch rate

D. ability to consolidate spam quarantine data from multiple Cisco ESA to one central console


Question 7:

Which type of query must be configured when setting up the Spam Quarantine while merging notifications?

A. Spam Quarantine Alias Routing Query

B. Spam Quarantine Alias Consolidation Query

C. Spam Quarantine Alias Authentication Query

D. Spam Quarantine Alias Masquerading Query

Question 8:

Which two query types are available when an LDAP profile is configured? (Choose two.)

A. proxy consolidation

B. user

C. recursive

D. group

E. routing


Question 9:

Email encryption is configured on a Cisco ESA that uses CRES.

Which action is taken on a message when CRES is unavailable?

A. It is required.

B. It is sent in clear text.

C. It is dropped and an error message is sent to the sender.

D. It is encrypted by a Cisco encryption appliance.


Question 10:

Which two configurations are used on multiple LDAP servers to connect with Cisco ESA? (Choose two.)

A. load balancing

B. SLA monitor

C. active-standby

D. failover

E. active-active

You can enter multiple host names to configure the LDAP servers for failover or load-balancing. Separate multiple entries with commas.


Question 11:

An analyst creates a new content dictionary to use with Forged Email Detection. Which entry will be added to the dictionary?


B. Alpha Beta

C. ^Alpha\ Beta$

D. [email protected]


Question 12:

Which two actions are configured on the Cisco ESA to query LDAP servers? (Choose two.)

A. accept

B. relay

C. delay

D. route

E. reject


Question 13:

Which two Cisco ESA features are used to control email delivery based on the sender? (Choose two.)

A. incoming mail policies

B. spam quarantine

C. outbreak filter

D. safelists

E. blocklists

Question 14:

What is the order of virus scanning when multilayer antivirus scanning is configured?

A. The default engine scans for viruses first and the McAfee engine scans for viruses second.

B. The Sophos engine scans for viruses first and the McAfee engine scans for viruses second.

C. The McAfee engine scans for viruses first and the default engine scans for viruses second.

D. The McAfee engine scans for viruses first and the Sophos engine scans for viruses second.

If you configure multi-layer anti-virus scanning, the Cisco appliance performs virus scanning with the McAfee engine first and the Sophos engine second. It scans messages using both engines unless the McAfee engine detects a virus. If the McAfee engine detects a virus, the Cisco appliance performs the anti-virus actions (repairing, quarantining, etc.) defined for the mail policy.


Question 15:

Which type of attack is prevented by configuring file reputation filtering and file analysis features?

A. denial of service

B. zero-day

C. backscatter

D. phishing


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