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CCNA exam process, exam fee, and exam room introduction

CCNA Exam — Lead4Pass 200-301

ccna exam

CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Associate)

CCNA Certification Exam Process

CCNA exam certification, first learn CCNA theoretical knowledge, then download the CCNA exam question bank, make an appointment for the exam, and take and pass the exam.
CCNA certificates are as follows:

ccna certification

CCNA certification exam-related content

  • Examination Requirements: There are no requirements for academic qualifications, majors, or age.
  • Exam Code: CCNA (200-301)
  • Exam Fee: $300
  • Exam time: 120 minutes, you need to make an appointment for the exam through VUE in advance (https://home.pearsonvue.com/coronavirus-update)
  • Exam score: out of 1000 points, 825 points to pass the exam
  • Exam question types: single-choice questions, multiple-choice questions, drawing questions, and experimental questions. The question bank is generally 48-53 questions. There are three compulsory experimental questions. Generally, one to three questions are tested in the drag-and-drop question.
  • Exam location: Almost every major city will set up a Cisco written test examination room
  • Appointment exam: CCIE written exam appointment can be reserved through VUE

Tip: Cisco certification exams can directly test CCIE, instead of taking CCNA, CCNP, and then CCIE, which can save a lot. https://www.s

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