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Live update Lead4Pass 350-801 dumps

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13Implementing and Operating Cisco Collaboration Core Technologies (CLCOR)Lead4PassNov 28, 2022350-801 dumps
New Question 1:

Regarding SIP integrations with Cisco Unified Communications Manager, if the Cisco Unity Connection is configured to listen for incoming IPv4 and IPv6 traffic, how should the addressing mode be set up in the Cisco Unity Connection?

A. Set up is not required.

B. Set up for each group to use IPv4 and IPv6.

C. Set up media ports for each port group to use IPv4.

D. Set up IPv4 and IPv6 in Cisco Unified CM.

Correct Answer: A

New Question 2:

Refer to the code.

dspfarm profile 1 transcode universal

codec g729r8

codec g729r8

codec g711ulaw

codec g711alaw

maximum sessions 8

associate application SCCP

Which two codec permutations should be transcoded by this DSP farm?

A. G.722 to G.729r8

B. G.729r8 to G.711ulaw

C. G.729br8 to G.711alaw

D. iLBC to G.711ulaw

E. G729ar8 to G.711alaw

Correct Answer: CD

New Question 3:

A customer has Cisco Unity Connections that are integrated with LDAP. As a Unity Connection administrator, you have received a request to change the first name of the VM user.

Where must the change be performed?

A. Cisco Unity Connection

B. Cisco Unified Communications Manager end user

C. Active Directory

D. Cisco IM and Presence

Correct Answer: C

New Question 4:

Configuration of DNS is required to achieve a fully functional Cisco UCM system. Cisco UCM uses DNS to resolve fully qualified domain names to IP addresses for which destinations?

A. H.323

B. trunk



Correct Answer: B

New Question 5:

Which task is required when configuring self-provisioning for an end user in Cisco UCM?

A. Enable Auto-Registration.

B. Associate the end user to the Standard CCM Super Users group.

C. Associate the end user to a SIP Profile.

D. Disable Auto-Registration.

Correct Answer: A

New Question 6:

What are two characteristics of jitter in voice and video over IP communications? (Choose two.)

A. The packets arrive at uniform time intervals.

B. The packets arrive at varying time intervals.

C. The packets never arrive due to tail drop.

D. The packets arrive out of sequence.

E. The packets arrive with frame errors.

Correct Answer: BD

New Question 7:

Which cisco collaboration Edge architecture product allows remote endpoints to leverage corporate on-premises cisco Unified communications infrastructure?

A. Cisco Webex

B. Cisco VPN Client

C. Cisco Unified Communications Mobile and Remote Access

D. Cisco Umbrella

Correct Answer: C

New Question 8:

A user reports a transfer failure from an IP phone for calls received from a PSTN to another PSTN number. What is the reason for these failures?

A. The IP phone is configured with the wrong region.

B. The incoming calling search space of the SIP trunk does not include the partition of the line in the IP phone.

C. The service parameter related to Offset Call Transfer is set to TRUE.

D. The gateway is configured with the wrong device pool.

Correct Answer: C

New Question 9:

Cisco UCM delays the routing of a call during digit analysis with an overlapping dial plan. How long is the default wait time?

A. 5 seconds

B. 10 seconds

C. 15 seconds

D. 20 seconds

Correct Answer: C

New Question 10:

An administrator configures international calling on a Cisco UCM cluster and wants to minimize the number of route patterns that are needed. Which route pattern enables the administrator to match variable-length numbers?

A. 9.011@

B. 9.011#

C. 9.011*

D. 9.011!

Correct Answer: C


New Question 11:

What is the purpose of Mobile and Remote Access (MRA) in the Cisco UCM architecture?

A. MRA is used to access Webex cloud services only if authenticated with on-premises LDAP service.

B. MRA is used to make secure PSTN calls by Cisco UCM only while on-premises authentication.

C. MRA is used to make B2B calls through Expressway registration.

D. MRA is used to access the collaboration services offered by Cisco UCM from off-premises network connections.

Correct Answer: C

New Question 12:

An engineer must manually provision a Cisco IP Phone 8845 using SIP. Which two fields must be configured for a successful provision? (Choose two.)

A. Media resources group list

B. SIP profile


D. Location

E. Device security profile

Correct Answer: BE

New Question 13:

Refer to the exhibit.

new 350-801 dumps questions 13

An engineer is troubleshooting a codec negotiation issue where both endpoints that are involved in the call support the codecs listed in the exhibit. Which audio codec is selected if a call between two endpoints in Region 1 is placed?

A. G.711u

B. G.722

C. G.729

D. G.711a

Correct Answer: B

New Question 14:

When deploying Mobile and Remote Access (MRA), which two SAN entries are mandatory in the Expressway Series certificates for secure phone registration? (Choose two.)

A. Unified CM Phone security profile name in Expressway-C certificate

B. Unified CM registration domain in Expressway-C certificate

C. Unified CM Phone security profile name in Expressway-E certificate

D. IM and Presence Chat node alias in Expressway-C certificate

E. IM and Presence Chat node alias in Expressway-E certificate

F. Unified CM registration domain in Expressway-E certificate

Correct Answer: AF

New Question 15:
new 350-801 dumps questions 15

Refer to the exhibit. A call is failing to establish between two SIP Devices The called device answers with this SOP. Which SDP parameter causes this issue?

A. The payload for G.711ulaw must be 18.

B. The calling device did not offer a prime value.

C. The media stream is set to send only.

D. The RTP port is set to 0.

Correct Answer: D

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