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Zhich is the Cisco recommended technique for verifying the `as-is’ state of the business?
A. Presenting root cause analysis
B. Discussing the Business Model Canvas
C. Modeling high volume parts of the customer’s business process
D. Using “The five whys” questioning approach
Correct Answer: B

Which option represents a subject expert from a Cisco Channel Partner’s ecosystem recommended for you to use as a source of insight?
A. The customer’s lead procurement official
B. A government regulatory official familiar with the customer
C. A sales rep for one of the Partner’s competitors
D. An IT architect working at a software company that markets solutions bundled with the Channel Partner’s offerings
Correct Answer: D

The business value approach helps you to do what? 100-105 pdf
A. Ensure that requirements gathering take the smallest possible resource and time
B. Use various techniques to add value through the discovery process
C. Bring sales opportunities earlier into the customer business roadmap, to avoid risks from possible budget cuts
D. Recommend services beyond the customer’s skill set, so you gain higher revenue
Correct Answer: B
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QUESTION 14            100-105 dumps
Which is the preferred aid to help you structure discovery meetings with customers?
A. IT cost analysis
B. Business case for the last two proposals
C. An article with a checklist showing advantages of your product vs.competitors
D. Strategic Question Asking Framework
Correct Answer: D

When discovering requirements, which behavior is appropriate?
A. End meetings earlier than planned to show a sense of urgency
B. Avoid taking notes, since you can always return for a follow up
C. Answer customer questions with details and numbers, to convince them you know what they need
D. Actively listen to the customer’s comments and effectively take notes
Correct Answer: D

Which is recommended as a good source to provide requirements in a customer engagement?
A. Individuals at firms who have purchased the customer’s services
B. Subject experts from the company’s strategy organization
C. Consultants who did projects for the customer organization 3 years ago
D. 3rd party staffing specialists / recruiters hired by the customer to fill positions during a busy work season
Correct Answer: B

When 802.1X is implemented, how do the client (supplicant) and authenticator communicate? 100-105 pdf
Correct Answer: D

Which approach is recommended for gaining deeper insight into pain points raised by a senior customer business leader?
A. Inform the customer of some statistics about their competitors, to get a reaction
B. Ask open ended questions about goals and impacts from challenges
C. Lead an exercise to define revenue the customer could gain from using remote experts on sales calls
D. Speak with peers of the customer leader, to find out whether this person has a reputation for making problems sound bigger than they really are
Correct Answer: B

Which is true of a Business Motivation Model? 100-105 dumps
A. It includes detailed financial goals for the customer
B. It companies the priorities across levels of the customer organization
C. It requires that you understand the customer’s bonus plan for executives
D. It describes influences that are behind customer priorities and operating activities
Correct Answer: D

Which statement is true?
A. A viewpoint and statement of requirements are equivalent in accuracy
B. Viewpoints describe a stakeholder’s preference and desired capability
C. Requirements can be met, while viewpoints reflect stretch goals that are more difficult to realize
D. For a viewpoint to be considered, you should confirm at least three stakeholders agree it is a top priority
Correct Answer: B

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