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300-820 CLCEI – Cisco: https://www.cisco.com/c/en/us/training-events/training-certifications/exams/current-list/clcei-300-820.html

This exam tests your knowledge of collaboration cloud and edge solutions, including:

  • Cisco Unified IM and Presence
  • Expressway configurations
  • Cisco WebEx Teams hybrid and emerging technologies

Latest Updates Cisco 300-820 Exam Practice Questions and Answers


ciscoexampdf 300-820 q1

Refer to the exhibit. When configuring a search rule that routes call to a zone, what occurs when 13358 is dialed?
A. 13358 is replaced by 135 and then is sent to the local zone.
B. 13358 is replaced by 135 and remains in the same zone.
C. 13358 is replaced by 135 and then is sent to the traversal zone.
D. 13358 is sent directly to the traversal zone.

Correct Answer: C


Cisco Collaboration endpoints are exchanging encrypted signaling messages.
What is one major complication in implementing NAT ALG for voice and video devices?
A. Internal endpoints cannot use addresses from the private address space.
B. The NAT ALG cannot inspect the contents of encrypted signaling messages.
C. NAT ALG introduces jitter in the voice path.
D. Source addresses cannot provide the destination addresses that remote endpoints should use for return packets.

Correct Answer: B


ciscoexampdf 300-820 q3

Refer to the exhibit. Which description of the transformation is true?
A. It converts [email protected]: to [email protected]
B. It changes all patterns that begin with [email protected]: to [email protected]
C. It changes [email protected]: to [email protected]
D. It converts [email protected]: to [email protected]

Correct Answer: A


ciscoexampdf 300-820 q4

Refer to the exhibit. Which two numbers match the regular expression? (Choose two.)
A. d20d16d20d22
B. 2091652010224
C. 209165200225
D. d209d165d200d224
E. 209165200224

Correct Answer: CE


ciscoexampdf 300-820 q5

Refer to the exhibit. An Expressway-C and Expressway-E are configured for B2B calling and the Expressway-E zone is
set to TLS Verify Currently, calls do not reach the Expressway-C. The Traversal Client zone on the Expressway-C for
B2B reports the information in the exhibit for the Peer 1 address.
Which action resolves this error?
A. Configure the Expressway-C Traversal Client zone Peer 1 address with the fully qualified domain name of the
B. Configure the Expressway-C Traversal Client zone transport protocol with TCP.
C. Add a server certificate to the Expressway-C that is signed by a certificate authority.
D. Add an intermediate certificate to the Expressway-C that is signed by a certificate authority.

Correct Answer: D


Which two statements about Mobile and Remote Access certificate are true? (Choose two.)
A. Expressway Core can use a private CA-signed certificate.
B. You must upload the root certificates in the phone trust store.
C. Expressway must generate a certificate signing request.
D. Expressway Edge must use a public CA-signed certificate.
E. The Jabber client can work with a public or private CA-signed certificate.

Correct Answer: CD


Which two statements about Expressway media traversal are true? (Choose two.)
A. Expressway Control is the traversal server installed in the DMZ.
B. The Expressway Edge must be put in a firewall DMZ segment.
C. Cisco Unified Communications Manager zone can be either a traversal server or client.
D. The Unified Communications traversal zone can be used for Mobile and Remote Access.
E. Both Expressway Edge interfaces can be NATed.

Correct Answer: BD


In a Mobile and Remote Access deployment, where must communications be encrypted with TLS?
A. Cisco Expressway-E and endpoints outside the enterprise
B. Cisco Expressway-C, Cisco Unified Communications Manager, and IMandP
C. Cisco Expressway-C, Cisco Expressway-E, and Cisco Unified Communications Manager
D. Cisco Expressway-C, Cisco Expressway-E, and endpoints outside the enterprise

Correct Answer: A


Which DNS record and port combination must be resolved externally for Mobile and Remote Access to be used?
A. _collab-edge on port 8443
B. _cisco-uds-edge on port 5061
C. _collab-edge on port 5061
D. _cisco-uds on port 8443

Correct Answer: A


Which service is available in a cloud-based deployment using Cisco Webex Messenger?
A. Presence
B. Phone services
C. Voicemail
D. Call forward services

Correct Answer: A


What is the purpose of using ICE for Mobile and Remote Access endpoints in the Cisco Collaboration infrastructure?
A. ICE controls the bandwidth usage for Cisco Collaboration endpoints if the endpoints are located outside the company
B. ICE enables Cisco Collaboration endpoints to determine if there is direct connectivity between them.
C. ICE uses FAST updates to optimize the video quality in case of packet loss. This technology is available only from
Cisco Unified CM version 11.5 and later.
D. ICE enablement allows for the Cisco Collaboration endpoint to register through Expressway servers to Cisco Unified
Communications Manager behind a firewall.

Correct Answer: B


When determining why Mobile and Remote Access to Cisco TelePresence equipment does not work anymore for an
organization. There are several administrators and configuration changes that could have happened without anyone
knowing. Internal communication seems to be working, but no external system can register or call anywhere. Gathering
symptoms, you also discover that no internal systems can call out either.
What is TraversalZone missing that causes this issue?
A. link to the DefaultZone
B. pipe to the DefaultZone
C. SIP trunk to the DefaultZone
D. route pattern to the DefaultZone

Correct Answer: C


Jabber cannot log in via Mobile and Remote Access. You inspect Expressway-C logs and see this error message:
XCP_JABBERD Detail=”Unable to connect to host \’%IP%\’, port 7400:(111) Connection refused”
Which is the cause of this issue?
A. Rich Media Session licenses are not activated on Expressway-E.
B. Expressway-E is listening to the wrong IP interface.
C. The destination port for Expressway-E is set to 7400 instead of 8443 on the Expressway-C.
D. The XCP Service is not activated on Expressway-E.

Correct Answer: B

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