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The Best Cisco CCNP Routing and Switching 300-135 Dumps Exam Questions And Answers (Q11-Q30)

Refer to the shown below.
%LINK-3-UPDOWN: Interface Serial0/0, changed state to up %LINEPROTO-5-UPDOWN: Line protocol on Interface Serial0/0, changed state to up
What statement is correct regarding the output shown in the graphic?
A. These two log messages will not have a severity level.
They are not errors but are just informational messages.
B. The first log message is categorized as a warning message.
C. These messages regarding interface status are normal output and will always be displayed when you exit config mode.
D. The first log message is an error message with a severity level of 3.
E. The second message would be shown if the logging console warning command had been issued.
Correct Answer: D

Refer to the configuration statements shown in the graphic above.
R1(config)#access-list 199 permit tcp host host
R1(config)#access-list 199 permit tcp host host
R1#debug ip packet 199 detail
Which statement reflects what the effect is of this configuration sequence?
A. These commands will generate an error message because you cannot use an access list with any debug commands.
B. These commands will have no effect at all. The debug ip packet command will work as normal and display info for all IP packets.
C. These commands turn on debug ip packet only for packets between hosts and
D. These commands will only work when you specify only one host rather than two.
Correct Answer: C

What is the result if you configure two devices with the ntp server command?
A. Nothing will happen until one of the devices is configured with the prefer parameter.
B. The NTP protocol will determine which server is most reliable and will synchronize to that server.
C. The device with the highest priority will become the active server and the other device will become the backup server.
D. The device with the lowest MAC address will become the active server and the other device will become the backup server.
Correct Answer: B

A technician is troubleshooting connectivity problems between two routers that are directly connected through a serial line. The technician notices that the serial line is up, but cannot see any neighbors displayed in the output of the show cdp neighbors command. In which OSI layer is the problem most likely occurring?
A. physical
B. data link
C. network
D. transport
E. application
Correct Answer: B

What are two approaches to maintaining a network?(Choose two.)
B. structured
C. bottoms up
D. interrupt-driven
Correct Answer: BD

Which two statements about the Cisco Aironet Desktop Utility (ADU) are true? 300-135 dumps (Select two)
A. The Aironet Desktop Utility (ADU) profile manager feature can create and manage only one profile for the wireless client adapter.
B. The Aironet Desktop Utility (ADU) can support only one wireless client adapter installed and used at a time.
C. The Aironet Desktop Utility (ADU) can be used to establish the association between the client adapter and the access point, manage authentication to the wireless network, and enable encryption.
D. The Aironet Desktop Utility (ADU) and the Microsoft Wireless Configuration Manager can be used at the same time to configure the wireless client adapter.
Correct Answer: BC

At which layer of the OSI model does the Spanning Tree Protocol (STP) operate at?
A. Layer 5
B. Layer 4
C. Layer 3
D. Layer 2
E. Layer 1
Correct Answer: D

In computer networking a multicast address is an identifier for a group of hosts that have joined a multicast group. Multicast addressing can be used in the Link Layer (OSI Layer 2), such as Ethernet Multicast, as well as at the Internet Layer (OSI Layer3) as IPv4 or IPv6 Multicast. Which two descriptions are correct regarding multicast addressing?
A. The first 23 bits of the multicast MAC address are 0x01-00-5E. This is a reserved value that indicates a multicast application.
B. The last 3 bytes (24 bits) of the multicast MAC address are 0x01-00-5E. This is a reserved value that indicates a multicast application.
C. To calculate the Layer 2 multicast address, the host maps the last 23 bits of the IP address into the last 24 bits of the MAC address. The high-order bit is set to 0.
D. The first 3 bytes (24 bits) of the multicast MAC address are 0x01-00-5E. This is a reserved value that indicates a multicast application.
Correct Answer: CD

EIGRP is being used as the routing protocol on the Company network. While troubleshooting some network connectivity issues, you notice a large number of EIGRP SIA (Stuck in Active) messages.
What causes these SIA routes? (Select two)
A. The neighboring router stops receiving ACK packets from this router.
B. The neighboring router starts receiving route updates from this router.
C. The neighboring router is too busy to answer the query (generally caused by high CPU utilization).
D. The neighboring router is having memory problems and cannot allocate the memory to process the query or build the reply packet.
Correct Answer: CD

SIA routes are due to the fact that reply packets are not received. This could be caused by a router which is unable to send reply packets. The router could have reached the limit of its capacity, or it could be malfunctioning.
Notes: If a router does not receive a reply to all outstanding queries within 3 minutes, the route goes to the stuck in active (SIA) state. The router then resets the neighbors that fail to reply by going active on all routes known through that neighbor, and it re-advertises all routes to that neighbor.

You want to enhance the security within the Company LAN and prevent VLAN hopping. What two steps can be taken to help prevent this? (Select two)
A. Enable BPD guard
B. Disable CDP on ports where it is not necessary
C. Place unused ports in a common unrouted VLAN
D. Prevent automatic trunk configuration
E. Implement port security
Correct Answer: CD

Which of the following statements regarding documentation would not be considered a helpful step in the troubleshooting process?
A. Use the Cisco Auto Configuration tool.
B. Use the Cisco Rollback feature.
C. Automate documentation.
D. Schedule documentation checks.
E. Use the Cisco Configuration Archive tool.
F. Require documentation prior to a ticket being closed out.
Correct Answer: A

Given the multicast IP address of, what would the corresponding multicast MAC address be?
A. 00-00-0c-c0-05-0a
B. 00-00-0c-cl-05-0a
C. 01-00-5e-00-00-0c
D. 01-00-5e-41-05-0a
E. 00-00-0c-01-00-5e
F. 01-00-5e-cl-05-0a
Correct Answer: F

First three octets are 01-00-05e for every single multicast address.Las three octets are the hexadecimal version of the las three octets of the IP address, in this case 193.5.10 is translated to c1-05-0a.

Which of the following are common issues that should be considered when establishing or troubleshooting site-to-site VPNs? (Choose all that apply.)
A. User authentication
B. Overlapping IP address space
C. GRE or IPsec configuration
D. MTU size
E. VPN client software
F. Authentication server configured ly
Correct Answer: BCD

Which of the following topology situations would be a qood candidate for configuring DMVPN?
A. Extranet VPN
B. Managed overlay VPN topology
C. Hub-and-spoke VPN topology
D. Central-site VPN topology
E. Full mesh VPN topology
F. Remote-access VPN topology
Correct Answer: E

Which of the following is not a valid reason for a packet to be punted?
A. The TCAM has reached capacity
B. An unknown destination MAC address
C. A packet being discarded due to a security violation
D. A Telnet packet from a session being initiated with the switch
E. Routing protocols sending broadcast traffic
F. A packet belonging to a GRE tunnel
Correct Answer: C

A new router is added to an existing HSRP standby group. One of the existing routers is in an active state, the other is in a standby state. 300-135 dumps Under what circumstance will the new router become the active router?
A. The new router will become active immediately because it’s the newest router introduced into the group.
B. The new router can become active only when the existing active router and the existing standby router become unavailable.
C. The new router has a lower priority value.
D. The new router will never become active unless the existing active router becomes unavailable.
E. The new router has preempt configured and a higher priority
F. The new router has a higher priority value.
Correct Answer: E

You have 2 NTP servers in your network – and You want to configure a Cisco router to use as its NTP server before falling back to Which commands will you use to configure the router?
A. ntp server
ntp server
B. ntp server
ntp server primary
C. ntp server
ntp server prefer
D. ntp server fallback
ntp server
Correct Answer: C

Preferred server
A router can be configured to prefer an NTP source over another. A preferred server’s responses are discarded only if they vary dramatically from the other time sources.
Otherwise, the preferred server is used for synchronization without consideration of the other time sources. Preferred servers are usually specified when they are known to be extremely accurate. To specify a preferred server, use the prefer keyword appended to the ntp server command. The following example tells the router to prefer TimeServerOne over
Router#config terminal
Enter configuration commands, one per line. End with CNTL/Z.
Router(config)#ntp server TimeServerOne prefer
Router(config)#ntp server TimeServerTwo
Reference: Hardening Cisco Routers By Thomas Akin February 2002 0-596-00166-5,Chapter 10, NTP.

Which of the following is an accurate description of the command copy startupconfig ftp://kevin:[email protected]?
A. The configuration on the FTP server is copied to RAM.
B. The command is not valid on a Cisco router.
C. The configuration file in RAM is copied to an FTP server.
D. The configuration file in NVRAM is copied to an FTP server.
E. The configuration on the FTP server is copied to NVRAM.
F. The configuration will be copied from NVRAM to an FTP server with a filename of Kevin.
Correct Answer: D

Whichof the following are valid modes of packet switching on most routers?(Choose all that apply.)
A. Cisco Express Fonvarding
B. FIB switching
C. Cache switching
D. Optimized switching
E. Process switching
F. Fast switching
Correct Answer: AEF

What can you modify in an extended ping?
A. Value
B. Strict
C. Record
D. Timestamp
Correct Answer: BCD

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