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Free CCDP 350-901 exam questions and answers


An organization manages a large cloud-deployed application that employs a microservices architecture across multiple
data centers. Reports have been received about application slowness. The container orchestration logs show that faults
have been raised in a variety of containers that caused them to fail and then spin up brand new instances.
Which two actions can improve the design of the application to identify the faults? (Choose two.)

A. Automatically pull out the container that fails the most over a time period.
B. Implement a tagging methodology that follows the application execution from service to service.
C. Add logging on exception and provide immediate notification.
D. Do a write to the datastore every time there is an application failure.
E. Implement an SNMP logging system with alerts in case a network link is slow.

Correct Answer: BC



What are two advantages of using model-driven telemetry, such as gRPC, instead of traditional telemetry gathering
methods? (Choose two.)

A. all data is ad-hoc
B. decentralized storage of telemetry
C. efficient use of bandwidth
D. no overhead
E. continuous information with incremental updates

Correct Answer: CD
Reference: https://www.cisco.com/c/en/us/support/docs/routers/asr-9000-series-aggregation-servicesrouters/215321-asr9k-model-driven-telemetry-whitepaper.html



Drag and drop the characteristics from the left onto the correct data processing techniques on the right, in the context of GDPR.
Select and Place:

cisco 350-901 exam questions q3

Correct Answer:

cisco 350-901 exam questions q3-1



A developer has completed the implementation of a REST API, but when it is executed, it returns a 401 error message.
What must be done on the API to resolve the issue?

A. Access permission to the resource must be granted, before the request.
B. Configure new valid credentials.
C. The requested API endpoint does not exist, and the request URL must be changed.
D. Additional permission must be granted before the request can submitted.

Correct Answer: D



A developer plans to create a new bugfix branch to fix a bug that was found on the release branch.
Which command completes the task?

A. git checkout -t RELEASE BUGFIX
B. git checkout -b RELEASE BUGFIX
C. git checkout -t BUGFIX RELEASE
D. git checkout -b BUGFIX RELEASE

Correct Answer: D



Which two design considerations should be considered when building a Cisco Meraki dashboard out of available APIs?
(Choose two.)

A. If the API key is shared, it cannot be regenerated.
B. The API requests require the key and the user credentials.
C. API call volume is rate-limited to five calls per second per organization.
D. The API version does not need to be specified in the URL.
E. Access to the API must first be enabled by using the settings for an organization.

Correct Answer: BE



Why is end-to-end encryption deployed when exposing sensitive data through APIs?

A. Data transfers are untraceable from source to destination.
B. Data cannot be read or modified other than by the true source and destination.
C. Server-side encryption enables the destination to control data protection.
D. Traffic is encrypted and decrypted at every hop in the network path.

Correct Answer: D



Which database type should be used to store data received from model-driven telemetry?

A. BigQuery database
B. Time series database
C. NoSQL database
D. PostgreSQL database

Correct Answer: B




cisco 350-901 exam questions q9

Refer to the exhibit. Drag and drop the code snippets from the left onto the item numbers on the right that match the
missing sections in the curl exhibit to complete the cURL request to FirePower Device Manager API to create objects.
Not all code snippets are used.
Select and Place:

cisco 350-901 exam questions q9-1

Correct Answer:

cisco 350-901 exam questions q9-2



The UCS Python SDK includes modules for Service Profile template creation. Which two UCS Service Profile template
types are supported? (Choose two.)

A. initial-template
B. updating-template
C. abstract-template
D. attached-template
E. base-template

Correct Answer: AB



cisco 350-901 exam questions q11

Refer to the exhibit. Which two functions are performed by the load balancer when it handles traffic originating from the Internet destined to an application hosted on the file server farm? (Choose two.)

A. Terminate the TLS over the UDP connection from the router and originate an HTTPS connection to the selected
B. Terminate the TLS over the UDP connection from the router and originate an HTTP connection to the selected
C. Terminate the TLS over the TCP connection from the router and originate an HTTP connection to the selected
D. Terminate the TLS over the TCP connection from the router and originate an HTTPS connection to the selected
E. Terminate the TLS over the SCTP connection from the router and originate an HTTPS connection to the selected

Correct Answer: DE



Drag and Drop the application requirement on the left onto the database type that should be selected for the
requirement on the right.
Select and Place:

cisco 350-901 exam questions q12

Correct Answer:

cisco 350-901 exam questions q12-1



Refer to the exhibit.

cisco 350-901 exam questions q13

Interface Loopback 1 must be created with IP address 24 in a Cisco IOS XE device using RESTCONF. The
schema that is defined by the exhibit must be used. Which body and URI should be used for this operation?

cisco 350-901 exam questions q13-1 cisco 350-901 exam questions q13-2

A. Option A
B. Option B
C. Option C
D. Option D

Correct Answer: D

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