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latest updated Cisco 700-680 exam questions and answers

Which TLS version(s) are supported by Webex Teams applications?
A. TLS versions 1.1 and 1.2 only
B. TLS version 1.2 only
C. Webex Teams does not support TLS
D. TLS version 1.0 and 1.1 only
Correct Answer: A


Which statement for Control Hub is valid?
A. available to customers with over 10000 paid subscriptions
B. only available to partners
C. free to customers with a paid subscription
D. Cisco internal tool only
Correct Answer: C


What tools help Partners determine the best Cisco Collaboration Flex Plan for customers?
A. Salesforce and Sales Connect
B. App Hub and Integrations Playbook
C. the Flip 2 Flex Discovery Tool and Flip2Flex Portal
D. SWSS Help Desk and Cisco Commerce Workspace (CCW)
Correct Answer: C


Which role within an organization has the privilege to see all messages?
A. Device Administrator
B. Site Administrator
C. Compliance officer role
D. any user
Correct Answer: C


Which platform is Cisco Webex Calling based upon?
A. Broadcloud platform from the recent Cisco acquisition of Broadsoft
B. Cisco Unified Communications Manager (CUCM)
C. Spark Calling platform
D. Business Edition 4000
Correct Answer: A


What are two versions of Control Hub? (Choose two.)
A. Standard
B. Vision Insight
C. Platinum
D. Pro Pack
E. Silver
Correct Answer: AD


Webex team natively bring together which two capabilities? (Choose two.)
A. Data Center Reports
B. Meetings
C. Project Workspace
D. Network Routing
E. Messaging
Correct Answer: BE

Which key benefit of Webex Teams collaboration is valid?
A. Only the moderator of a space is able to use important meeting features
B. Replaces the need for a firewall appliance
C. Webex Teams does not support API\\’s or SDK\\’s
D. Integrates persistent context chats, file sharing, and whiteboarding
Correct Answer: D


Which company did Cisco partner with for a Webex Widget, which embeds messaging and meetings into the application
B. PegaSystems
C. Ultra-Innovations International
D. Salesforce
Correct Answer: D


Which two endpoints allow for whiteboarding and annotating on the screen? (Choose two.)
A. Cisco Meeting Server 2000
B. Cisco IP Phone
C. DX 80
D. Cisco IP Conference Phone
E. Webex Board
Correct Answer: CE


Which statement about Webex Teams message encryption is valid?
A. Messages are encrypted using the AES-512-GCM cipher
B. Messages are encrypted using the AES-256-GCM cipher
C. Messages are encrypted using the AES-128-GCM cipher D. Messages are encrypted ONLY if they include data
classified as “confidential”
Correct Answer: B


Which benefit does Cisco Commerce Workspace (CCW) provide for partners?
A. quote and transact orders for both traditional resale and subscription and annuity orders
B. quote and order resale product only
C. order only resale and subscription or annuity offers
D. ordering tool for Distributors only
Correct Answer: A


Which statement about Cisco Software Support (SWSS) basic is valid?
A. SWSS is not an option with the Flex Plan.
B. SWSS is a separate add-on that must be purchased.
C. SWSS is only for data center customers.
D. SWSS is included in the Flex Plan subscription.
Correct Answer: D

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