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What is the minimum number of nodes required to build a VxRail 4 5 cluster?
A. 2
B. 3
C. 4
D. 5
Correct Answer: D


In a VxRail appliance, which task is performed using VxRail Manager?
A. Create storage pools
B. Remediate health events
C. Manage VxRail users and roles
D. Perform software upgrade
Correct Answer: C


What is a consideration when choosing between vSphere Encryption and vSAN Encryption?
A. vSphere Encryption applies to the entire vSAN datastore vSAN Encryption is on a per VM basis
B. vSphere Encryption does not support deduplication and compression vSAN Encryption allows deduplication and
C. vSphere Encryption addresses fears of media theft vSAN Encryption addresses fears of a rogue admin
D. vSphere Encryption is for data-at-rest vSAN Encryption is for data-in-flight
Correct Answer: B


Which level of data protection can be configured across sites in a VxRail Stretched Cluster?
C. RAID 1/0
Correct Answer: D


A VxRail administrator wants to monitor vSAN Backend IOPS, Throughput, and Latency in the vSphere Web Client.
What must be turned on to monitor these metrics?
A. vSAN Performance Service
B. vSAN Health Service
C. vSphere Distributed Resource Scheduler
D. vSAN Disk Management
Correct Answer: C

What is a consideration when planning for node expansion of an existing 4-node All-Flash Dell EMC VxRail 4 5 2xx
A. vSphere Web Client is used to perform the expansion procedure
B. New nodes can be hybrid or All-Flash
C. New nodes must be identical to the existing nodes
D. Expansion procedure is performed by Dell EMC or a Dell EMC partner
Correct Answer: D


Which VxRail model series supports only hybrid disks?
A. S Series
B. P Series
C. E Series
D. G series
Correct Answer: A


In a VxRail appliance, what does vSAN use in the form of flexible data containers to store and manage data?
A. Datastores
B. nodes
C. Objects
D. Logical volumes
Correct Answer: C


What is used in the VxRail infrastructure to manage multiple clusters of ESXi servers?
A. Host client
B. vCenter
C. VxRail Manager
Correct Answer: C


When needed the vSAN might also break large objects into multiple components. What is the maximum size of a
A. 63 GB
B. 127 GB
C. 255 GB
D. 511 GB
Correct Answer: C

As an administrator, you are asked to view the health of the vSAN on the VxRail cluster.
You select the VxRail cluster in the Navigation panel in vCenter Under which tab could you run the vSAN health check?
A. Hosts
C. Monitor
D. Datastores
Correct Answer: C

An administrator attempts to add an S Series node to a Gen 2 VxRail cluster and the build fails.
What is a possible reason for this failure?
A. IP address pool has no more free addresses
B. Hybrid and Flash nodes cannot be mixed in the same cluster
C. Quanta and Dell nodes cannot be mixed in the same cluster
D. Loudmouth process needs to be restarted
Correct Answer: B

A company intends to deploy VxRail for their heavy database workloads on Oracle 11G. Which type of VxRail nodes
should be recommended?
A. E Series
B. S Series
C. P Series
D. V Series
Correct Answer: D

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